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Customizing the Pre-Actions

Murray Gray in Course Content

Dec 09, 2020 - 2 min read. Available on all plans.

What are Pre-Actions?

Pre-actions are small & quick "setup" tasks you can assign points to that get students into action, FAST!

For example, we always include things like:

  • Whitelist our sending email address (so emails never go to spam)
  • Join the Facebook group
  • Sign the agreement
  • Claim the bonus ticket to our event
  • Book your travel
  • and more...

Traditionally, these kind of things can be challenging to get students to do. That's where Xperiencify can help.

When you assign points to the completion of any Pre-Action, you allow your student to start earning points immediately, get validated, and feel like they're already making progress with simple things.

That's what we call a win!

Setting up your Pre-Actions in Page Builder

To Set up your pre-actions, go to Step 4 of your Course and click the “Customize Course Pages” button to open up your Page Builder

Click on your Home Page to edit it.

From the available Blocks, choose Actions.

Click on the Block of your choice, and drag it to the right to drop it onto the page. We recommend using the vertical blocks for Pre-Actions:

Now, you’ll edit your Pre-Actions…

Hover over the Block, and click the Edit button

Click the pre-action to show its details & configuration:

Adjust/edit the text to tell your student what the action they need to take is:

You can add a link by highlighting text so the link icon will appear

You can customize the color, icon, and add celebrations, points and tags depending on your plan. Scroll down to see all the options!

Click “Add Action” and repeat the process for each Pre-Action

Once you’re satisfied with your pre-actions, don’t forget to save your changes!