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How to Create Great Goals

Murray Gray in Course Content

Dec 08, 2020 - 4 min read. Available on all plans.

A Harvard study showed that the 3% of people who have (and write down) goals are THIRTY TIMES more likely to have success than the average person.


When we found this out, we knew we had to find a way to incorporate them into Xperiencify -- to help YOUR students join that 3% and be 30 times more successful!

So we sat down and came up with a few simple goals for one of our courses.

And then, just as a test, we put them up on the front page of our course's membership site so students would see it every time they logged in.

What happened next shocked us...

First, students immediately began to get more excited. In fact, they even started posting selfies of themselves with their goals into our Facebook group!

Plus, many started logging in, and taking action DAILY!

Not long after, we started seeing more and more of them posting in our Facebook group that they hit their goals, which had a really energizing effect on our entire student population!

And remember: all we did was add a few simple goals to our membership site to see what would happen.

When I saw the results, it felt like we'd won the lottery!

And today, I want to give you the winning numbers too. :)

So here's the deal -- in XP you can set up to 3 goals for your students -- a minimum goal, a target goal and a stretch goal.

We recommend using ALL THREE GOALS (and not just one goal) for some very important reasons:

  • With just one goal, if you set it too low and students achieve it fast, they get de-motivated, and don't have any reason to keep going
  • But when you set it too high, that can feel intimidating, which is demotivating as well!
  • However, having THREE allows you to set a range that will inspire people, and keep them taking action and achieving more and more success...

Here's the way we set up goals on the home page of our Start With You course, which helps students find the business they're meant to build.

And here's how we set up our goals for our EPM course.

The secret to making this work is in the setting of good goals.

As you can see in this example above, the first goal is aligned with the Mission of the entire course, which is to help you find the business idea you're meant to build.

And then goals 2 and 3 get more inspirational from there -- "I started my own business", and "I made my first dollar!".

So, how do you set good goals?

Your Minimum Goal: Should be set to the Mission of your course.

For example, in our course Experience Product Masterclass, the Mission is to earn $2,000 in 10 weeks or less, so we set the minimum goal to be "Made $2,000!"

Remember to keep it achievable, and for us, this is an outcome anyone can have if they take action in the course.

Your Target Goal: Should obviously be more challenging than the minimum to reach

But interestingly, once they reach the Minimum, it will feel much more achievable to them ! (In EPM we set ours to "Earned $2,500!")

The Stretch Goal: It's usually the "moonshot" goal, the "you never know" goal

It's something that would change their life if they hit it. (In EPM we set ours to "Earned $3,000!")

We've created the goals system so that goals can literally be anything you want: monetary, non-monetary, spiritual... or whatever you want that's more relevant to what you're teaching.

More examples of goals could be:

  • Made XXX Dollars
  • Replaced my income and quit my job
  • Eliminated pain from my day
  • Meditated 10 minutes each day

(No you don't have to use emojis like this, but we find it adds an element of fun that most online education doesn't have, which adds an extra level to your student experience.)

In our experience over the years, when you set THREE goals in this way, your students will be motivated and inspired all the way to the finish line -- something that is impossible to do with other membership site platforms!

Are you game?

Let's do it.