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"Binge" Mode

Murray Gray in Course Content

Dec 08, 2020 - 3 min read. Available on Growth Plan or Higher.

What is "Binge Mode"? (formerly "Dynamic Release")

Most platforms keep your student locked into a set schedule of content release.

This can be tough for motivation, especially for students who are extra excited and want to get ahead, or for students who want to carve out a chunk of time to make progress in your course!

To keep your students engaged and excited without feeling overwhelmed by content, you can now set trainings to be released only after the previous training has been completed.

The “binge mode" scheduling option allows extra-motivated students to keep going and automatically unlock the next training… faster than a trainings usual release schedule.

NOTE: Binge Mode will always unlock the next training, one training at a time, based on completion of the previous training.

How to Set it Up

First, you'll choose and set up your "regular" drip release schedule.

NOTE: You'll need to choose one of these options: "On Specific Date," "After X Days," "Nth Day, Specific Week" or "Module Release" as your regular release schedule.

Then, you’ll set up "Binge Mode” by toggling it on. (Once you toggle it on here, it will be automatically turned on everywhere).

You'll see a pop up message... click "Yes, turn it on"

For example, let’s say your release schedule is weekly, and you're releasing content after 7 days.

You'll use the "After X days" release schedule, and you'll also turn on Dynamic Release... allowing the next training to be released early, once the student's completed the previous training

Once a student checks off all actions under a training, they’ll unlock the next training right away, inspiring them to keep going!

This allows your students to continue moving forward at their own pace, without ever feeling overwhelmed.

What happens if my student unchecks actions? Will the trainings disappear again?

Once they've been unlocked, the trainings won't disappear. They'll continue to be available (even if a student unchecks a training action).

What if I add in additional trainings, once the course is already in progress?

Each training will unlock based on completion of the training before it. If a student has completed a training, the next training to follow will always become available.

What about the emails I've set up? Will they still go out?

Your emails will all still be sent, according to the triggers you've set up in Step 5.

If you have an experience set to email a student when a training or module is released or completed, the email will happen whenever the training/ module is released or completed... regardless of when the student completes it.

What if I want to ONLY offer Binge Mode with no regular drip schedule?

If you want your students to only be able to unlock the next training after completing the previous one, here’s what to do.

  • Set your first training to be available “Immediately”
  • Set the rest of your trainings to a date far in the future.
  • Turn on Binge Mode.

Now, the trainings will ONLY unlock based on completion of the previous training.

How to Edit the Popup Notifications for your Students

When "Binge Mode" is available, and a student completes a training, they'll see a popup notification, letting them know that they've unlocked the next available training.

To edit the message that your student sees when a new training is released -- open up a course and scroll all the way down to "Course Settings."

Open up "Notifications"

Scroll down to "Binge Mode" and edit the message.

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