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Video Seek to Time

Murray Gray in Course Content

Oct 12, 2023 - 1 min read. Available on All Plans.

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Using "Seek to Time" Links

You can now create links which skip students right to specific points in your lesson videos!

This allows students to save time and easily jump to a key place in your video, to get exactly the info they need.

How to Create a "Seek" Link

To create a link to a specific place in the video, just use the following format Your format for this link is to add #to_time=XXX onto the end of any training link: #to_time=XXX

(Note: XXX is the amount of seconds)

An Example of a Seek Link

Here's an example of a seek link which takes students to 60 seconds into the video:

Where Can Seek To Time Links Be Used?

These "seek" links can be placed direct underneath training content, inside buttons, or even inside student emails.

Here's how a link would look on the Single Training Page: