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Customizing the Actions

Murray Gray in Course Content

Oct 28, 2022 - 1 min read. Available on all plans.

Customizing the Actions

First, read about how to customize a core page on your site, or how to create a custom page.

From the page that you're customizing -- in the left-hand sidebar, find the "Actions"

Choose the Actions Block that you want to use, and drag it to the right to drop it onto your page.

Hover over the Block, and click on "Content" to open the Editor window.

Click the "Data" dropdown menu.

You can customize your text here:

Customize the amount of space above and below your comments, here:

And, you can customize all of your colors to match your branding....

Add more Actions right here:

NOTE: Pre-actions and Goals should only show for your students UNTIL they've checked them off. For this reason, Action blocks on the Home Page will disappear after the student has completed the action. See here for more info.

Saving Your Blocks

Remember that once you customize a block, you can save it to use again on another page

You can access your Saved Blocks at anytime right here: