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Introduction to Celebrations

Murray Gray in Gamification & Experiencification

Jun 17, 2024 - 3 min read. Available on all plans.

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Intro to Celebrations

Do you have a favorite celebration memory, like a graduation or special birthday?

Celebrations create cherished memories, and now Xperiencify brings that joy to your courses! Our new customizable celebrations will transform how your clients and students EXPERIENCE your course.

Here's why:

Students start your course excited, but their enthusiasm can fade. In other platforms, finishing a module means more work. With Xperiencify, they get a CELEBRATION, reinforcing their achievements and progress.

You did it! Way to go! Congrats! Good work! Keep it up- I believe in you!

We all crave recognition and validation for our accomplishments.

Custom Fields can be added to your Celebrations! Create the Custom Field in your Account section, then use the forward slash: / to access the "Tokens" menu.

If your course covers serious topics, consider using “recognition” instead of “celebration” and choose appropriate images and sounds.

Everyone needs to feel they are making progress. Our Celebrations feature will help your clients and students feel good about reaching milestones.

So, ready to add your first celebration? You can set one up in about a minute! Check out our simple instructions for doing just that!.

Can I Add My Own Custom Animations?

YES! You can create and add custom animations that show YOUR branding and vibe, and we'll upload those to our database for you to use when you create your Celebrations.

Custom animations MUST be in this specific format:

  • Created as a JSON file.
  • Each Animation must be under 500 kb. (It won't work if they're any larger).
  • Once you've created a Celebration, you can test it here to make sure it works:
  • (If you need help with creating these, you can hire a JSON animator on

Once you've validated that it works, please email your completed files to [email protected], and our team will upload them to the database for you to use in your course.

If you choose to upload your own custom animations, these will be available in our public database

Important Note About the Welcome Celebration

Quick heads up: on many browsers, there are safeguards in place that automatically disable sound, when you first interact with a new website.

This means that in many cases, the Welcome Celebration will NOT play the sound for your student.

(Nothing's wrong, here.. and all the following Celebrations will play the sound).

Fortunately, your students can still enjoy the animations as a surprise "Welcome" to your course!

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