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What are points (XPs and XXPs?)

Murray Gray in Gamification & Experiencification

Aug 16, 2023 - 2 min read. Available on all plans.

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What are XPs?

You can think of XPs as points. In fact, "XP" is short for "Experience Points."

Points are a great way to reward people as they take action. In fact, all apps & games give points because it works incredibly well to motivate people to take action.

But for some reason, it's used considerably less in the education space.

We're here to change that, and we've been pioneering many ways to use points to reduce overwhelm, and increase engagement, motivation and excitement.

We call our points XPs (experience points), and it its most basic, simplest form, here's how it might look for education...

  1. Your student watches a video training, and they see 2 possible actions underneath it
  2. Action #1 gives 1 XP for watching or consuming the training content
  3. Action #2 gives 2 XPs for taking the action associated with that training. (We recommend giving more points for the action because action is far more valuable than passive consumption.)

That's how it works on the simplest level, and even though it's pretty simple, it still works incredibly well.

What are XXPs?

You can think of XXPs as a second type of points, and they allow you to provide 2 tracks of content to your Students -- the "core" or basic track, and an optional/advanced or alternative track.

We added them after we realized that our flagship program had too much content, and was actually overwhelming our students.

We realized that there were actually two possible tracks they could take -- the "Core Curriculum" track which is only the essential training they needed to finish the course, and the "Over-achiever" track, which was all the extras that were valuable, yet not part of the "Core" track.

All trainings in the "Core" were assigned XPs, and all trainings in the "overachiever" track were assigned XXPs. This allowed us to tell students that if they had limited time, just follow the Core track.

We then total the points separately into different leaderboards -- which means that while ALL students can compete for most XPs, the MOST eager and committed students are free to compete on the XXP leaderboard as well.

Xperiencify is the only system that makes it possible to attach either XP or XXP rewards to training content, actions and content to create a system that engages students, and motivates huge action.

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