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Murray Gray in Getting Started

Mar 25, 2024 - 4 min read. Available on all plans.

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NOTE: this article refers to our "Legacy" Launch Plan.

For our current plans, please see here

What Stage Is Your Business In?

Our Launch Plan was mainly designed for early-stage businesses, when you need a low cost option to get started.

With our affordable $49/ month Launch Plan, you have all the basics for successfully running a course while you get things off the ground and start bringing in those first crucial sales!

Once you’re bringing in sales, a successful course should easily be covering the cost of your platform. As soon as it makes sense, we recommend upgrading to the Growth Plan to make the most of all the ways that XP can postiively impact your bottom line by turning students into raving fans!

Here are some key differences between the plans…

Transaction Fees and Using Our Order Form

On the Launch Plan, we charge a 4.9% transaction fee for each sale you make. This is how we make it work for you to get started quickly, with lower overhead.

Because we do charge a transaction fee as part of this plan, we require that you use XP’s order form and Stripe to make sales. If you’re taking payment from your students, it’s against our terms of service to use any other cart or payment system while on the Launch Plan.

On the Growth Plan, XP charges no transaction fees.


The Launch Plan is $49/ month, plus a 4.9% transaction fee.

The Growth Plan is $149/ month, with no transaction fees from XP.

Features on All Plan Levels

Wherever you are in your business growth, we provide everything you need to successfully build and run a uniquely fun, engaging, and successful course!

We’re about so much more than just hosting content. All plans come with the ability to…

  • create beautiful, built in order forms
  • customize all the pages of your site PLUS create custom pages using our Page Builder
  • display all your courses on your central Marketplace
  • set up fun animated celebrations to surprise and delight your students
  • use our threaded commenting system anywhere in your course to create community and engagement with your students
  • engage with our students in our new community Forum.
  • send an email to your students based on login, number of points earned, training released or completed, module released or completed, or course completed
  • send a congratulatory text message to your students when they join your course (or at any point along the way,to add surprise and fun!)
  • add Essay Style Quizzes or Multiple Choice Style Quizzes to your courses
  • customize the language for your course
  • integrate with Zapier for many functions

Features Available at the Growth Plan Level or Higher

In addition, once you upgrade to the Growth Plan, you've got all these fun things to build engagement and increase your revenue...

  • automatically send an email or text to students based on the amount of time left on your countdown
  • add tags to students, so you can send specific, appropriate communication of all kinds
  • automatically remove a tag, allowing you to do things like remove a student from a course or stop a communication sequence
  • customize visibility of blocks on your page, to show specific content to groups of students
  • automatically post to Facebook to congratulate or celebrate your students
  • “bundle” courses with our automated “add to course” feature
  • automatically add students to another course when they've completed a training or module
  • automatically unlock a module based on any trigger
  • have a custom domain for your site
  • send email directly from your own domain, for the best deliverability
  • integrate with webhooks, for endless possibilities
  • integrate with any payment processor of your choice using Zapier
  • customize your colors, fonts, and site appearance using CSS
  • add your own custom JavaScripts, pixels, analytics, and third-party tracking
  • release modules or trainings based on completion of previous module or training
  • have additional admin logins for your account

And it doesn't stop there... if you’ve been in our world at all, you’ll know that we’re constantly rolling out new features and upgrades. So the fun just keeps on going - make sure to join our Facebook group for the latest announcements about what’s coming next!

If you want to change your plan, you can do that by visiting our billing center.

And if you have questions or need support with your account in any way, just drop us a message using the chat widget and we'll help you out!