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Step 2: Course Price, Payment, Subscription Options

Murray Gray in Course Content

Dec 08, 2020 - 2 min read. Available on all plans.

This article will only be helpful if you're using XP's in-built order form.

Setting up a Single Payment Course (with Optional Installment Plan)

  • Choose Single Payment as your payment style
  • Click Add + and type your price into the One Payment Of field

To Add an Installment Plan:

  • To add an installment plan for your Course, scroll down to the Installment Plans section
  • Click on the Add a New Installment Plan button
  • Enter the details of the installment plan (ie: 6 Monthly payments of $99)
  • If you wish to offer more than one payment plan on your order form, simply add them using the Add a New Installment Plan button.

Setting up a Subscription

  • To add a subscription plan for your Course, click on the Subscription tab
  • Click Add + to add your Subscription details
  • Enter a payment amount, and the time unit

    Setting up Discount Coupons

    • To add a Discount Coupon for your course, scroll down to the Discount Coupons section
    • Type a name into the Coupon Name field -- ie: "Black Friday 20% Off"
    • Choose a coupon type: Percent-off, or Dollars-off
    • Enter your coupon discount value into the Coupon Value field
    • Choose if/when your discount coupon should expire by selecting the appropriate option from the Coupon Expires field