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In-depth: Training Resources

Murray Gray in Course Content

Dec 08, 2020 - 1 min read. Available on all plans.

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As you deliver your trainings, you may offer downloadable documents and resources to help your student take action.

Adding a resource to a training

  • Edit the Program in question, and go to Step 3: Add Course Content
  • Click on Modules & Trainings
  • Open the Module that contains the Training you want to edit, and click the menu to edit the Training Edit button
  • Click on the Downloads tab
  • Click on the Add New Resource button
  • Enter a name into the Resource name field, and click to upload your file
  • Click Save Changes to continue

    Your new resources will now be available to download for that particular training.

    Removing a resource from a training

    • Open the Downloads tab, and click the Remove button

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