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Core Experience #1: Mission

Murray Gray in Gamification & Experiencification

Dec 08, 2020 - 6 min read. Available on all plans.

Core Experience #1 is "Mission".

A big mistake people make is to create what I call the "kitchen sink" product. Basically, they try to cram in everything someone needs to know about a particular subject area.

But your customers buy your products to achieve a certain result. They don't need to know everything there is to know about your subject area. They just want to achieve one single result. So why not tell them right up front exactly what result they're going to achieve, and design your entire product to help them achieve it?

Your product mission is the goal or outcome that you want for your customers and that they want for themselves... And, most importantly, that they believe is a possibility for them to achieve. Coming up with the right mission means putting yourself in your customer's shoes and looking at success from THEIR point of view, not yours. And that's what makes all the difference.

That's why the FIRST Core Experience is the most important. It's all about having your students focus on achieving that one key result, and making that the sole MISSION of your product.

Most people either don't have a mission for their product, or if they do, it's usually sends people off in the wrong direction.

Let me show you an example so you can see how it works. Here's the mission of the Experience Product Masterclass, which is really the mission I want YOU to achieve. And you'll notice that I borrowed this template from the Mission: Impossible movies -- because people love it and it works. I call it the Mission Possible template.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to design, market and make $2,000 or more from an experience product in 10-weeks or less, so you can get off the marketing treadmill, make more sales, and have more impact.

Can you see how, right away, you know exactly what you're going to do, be, feel, have, or achieve as a result of taking this program?

  • You're going to design, market and make $2,000 or more from an Experience Product.
  • You know exactly how long it's going to take you -- 10 weeks.
  • And you know why it matters -- so you can get off the marketing treadmill, make more sales, and have the impact you crave.

The right mission needs to be clear and very specific, and be something your customers can easily imagine in their minds and say YES to.

Also, the added side-benefit is the clearer your message, the easier it is for your customers to share. So this becomes something they're not going to want just for themselves, it now becomes something they can easily talk about and share with friends.

Yes, having a great product IS important, but when you focus too much on the "features" or nuts and bolts of your product, like what's in each module, you risk losing sight of the big picture, which is WHY it's so important to your potential customers? WHAT will it mean for them? What will they be able to do after they buy your product, that they weren't ever able to do before? Exactly what's in it for them?

Here's another cool thing: by giving your clients, customers and students a clear objective: making $2000 or more from an experience product in 10-weeks or less, they've got something tangible to aim for. They know if they've won the game or not. And when they do, it's a win they can proudly say they've achieved.

Then when they do reach Mission Accomplished, they're even MORE likely to tell their friends about it, bringing even more customers your way.

And the final benefit is this. When you give your customers the GIFT of a clear mission, their focus shifts OFF their natural fears and doubts, ONTO a bigger vision and goal, something they can do right now. When things get tough and they feel like stopping, you simply bring them back to the Mission.

In fact, they won't have a chance to forget it. During the course of the marketing and delivery of your Experience Product, it's your job to bring them back to the Mission over and over again. When you follow the principles I'm laying out for you here, they'll have it memorized by the end of the first week of your product and will be actively striving to achieve Mission Accomplished every day after that!

Let me give you an example from my students Davina & Galen Detrick whose market is dentists: "Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to learn, sell, deliver, and market your first direct resin veneer smile transformation and make back your course investment within 12 weeks."

That's both compelling and specific, right? You'll know when you've sold your first smile transformation, you know when you've made back your course investment, and you know when 12 weeks are up.

Davina & Galen's dentist students are EXCITED about the prospect, and thanks to a crystal clear, specific and compelling Mission, they know exactly how to recruit other dentists in the Mission as well. And they've turned this mission into over $262K in revenue in just 9 months.

And here's one more example from my student Domonique Bertolucci in the personal development space. Here's her mission: "Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to take one weekend out of your life and dedicate it to yourself; to remember who you are, discover what you want and refresh and revitalise the way you feel about your life."

While her promise isn't hyper specific, framing it as taking one weekend out of your business life to dedicate to yourself paints a clear enough picture to be engaging… and because of that she's a bestselling author and has a stellar reputation as a transformational coach and trainer.

So what's the mission YOU want to take YOUR customers on? What's the cause that you're leading? Exactly how are you making your clients' lives, relationships, business or health better than it is now?

So I invite you to create your very own Mission for your first Experience Product. What's a clear, specific and measurable Mission or goal that you want people to accept?

Simply fill in the blank: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is ________.

I invite you to write your mission in a way that's invitational. Write it to INSPIRE someone to JOIN you on your mission. To make it their own. Be seductive. Be provocative. Be inspiring. But, most of all, be clear and specific.

It's important that you pause and do this - it doesn't have to be perfect, but get started! So, right now, take a sec to create a compelling mission for your product.

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