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Best Practices for Video Creating and Exporting Videos

Murray Gray in Course Content

Oct 01, 2023 - 3 min read. .

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While we can handle the vast majority of video formatting options, every once in awhile, a video's format will be such that it doesn't play nicely with XP's servers.

If this happens, you'll receive an email message letting you know that the video wasn't able to be processed.

To keep your life simple and minimize any rare issues.... here's some suggested best practices for creating and exporting video files, so that there's the least possible chance of any weird errors.

Best Practices for Creating/ Exporting Your Videos

  • First, don't save your video file in any "weird" formats or with any weird codecs. It's always safest to use your video tool's most general output settings or templates. The best formats to use are: MP4, M4V, MOV. (Never AVI or FLV!)
  • We recommend encoding your videos in H.264 whenever possible
  • Avoid "single-target" formatting -- for example, your tool might give you the option to create "the best video for iPhone only".... Don't do that
  • Export with multi-pass processing if you have the time. This creates higher quality videos by encoding your video content TWICE, reducing the incidence of video artifacts & providing the most benefit to videos that have areas of high motion

How Long Should it Take for my video to Upload/ Process?

Upload time will depend on your internet connection. Processing time will vary based on the size of your video and how busy our servers are, but it's pretty quick - the vast majority are processed and ready to view within a couple hours (if not sooner).

If it's been more than a few hours, see below.

Next Steps for Troubleshooting

Still seeing an error message, or have a video that's been processing for more than a few hours?

  • Try removing the video from the "Media" tab in Step 3, and re-uploading it - sometimes, the second time works.
  • IMPORTANT: Be sure you're allowing the video to fully upload before closing out the window! When it's fully uploaded, you'll be able to hit the green "Save" button.
  • Still no luck? We know that's frustrating, and we'll get you taken care of asap.
  • Please drop us a message to the support desk (using the green chat widget, or email [email protected]). Let us know you've checked this page and tips, and that you've already tried removing and re-uploading the video.
  • For quickest support, please include the original video file that you're trying to upload (you can use a file sharing service such as GDrive or Dropbox)
  • Please let us know exactly where the video should go. (Course, Module, and Training, or exact other location in your course).
  • It's also SUPER helpful if you can include as much info as possible about how the video was created and exported. (For example - what software did you use to create and export? Any info you can give us about the settings used?
  • The more info we have, the more quickly our team can identify exactly where the issue lies, and get your video working for you