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Archiving a course

Murray Gray in Course Content

Jan 17, 2023 - 3 min read. Available on all plans.

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Yes, you can archive a course, and we have a number of different ways to do it which may be of interest, depending on the student experience you'd like to create.

But first, a question -- should students be able to log in to the course once "archived"? We ask because some people want to make their course available for "life", and others just want to shut it down.

If you just want to shut 'er down and have students not be able to log in, then the 2 easiest ways to do it are:

Next, is the course showing on your Marketplace page?

If you're archiving a course, you probably don't want to have it showing on your public marketplace page. Here's how to customize the courses which appear on your marketplace page.

Now, a more ninja option for you

Students who have gone through one of your courses are obviously prime candidates to buy something else from you, so don't just shut them out, remove them, or cast them adrift with no instructions for what to do next, and no invitation to take the next step with you.

Instead, you could opt you leave the course open and accessible to students, but customize your course's home page and perhaps completely replace it with a more helpful message that serves both them and you. Perhaps something like:

"Hi {First Name}, you guessed it! This course is now over. We had a great time didn't we? If you'd like to keep it going, watch the video below for a very special message I've recorded just for you."

That video or text message could include an offer on your next course, your premium program or some other offer that would be appropriate to make to that student. The opportunities are endless if you have an answer to the question "now that they've finished this, what do they need from me now?"

You can also use the date/time visibility options to make this block appear automatically once a course is over.

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