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Copying or Moving a Training, Bonus, or Replay into another Module (in the same Course)

Murray Gray in Course Content

Feb 28, 2024 - 2 min read. Available on all plans.

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At some point, as your course evolves and changes, you're going to want to move a training from one module into another.

How to Move a Training to Antother Section of Your Course

Click on the ... context menu belonging to the Training you wish to copy or move

Choose the corrrect menu option to either Copy or Move the training to another module within the same course.

That's it!

  • NOTE: You can move a training into the Bonus section.... just select the appropriate Bonus Module that you'd like to move it to.
  • You can also move a training to the Replay section.... to do that, you'll select Copy as a Replay in this Course

How to Move a Bonus Training to another Section of the Course

  • To move a Bonus Training to another Module or to the Replay section, you'll open Step 3 and Edit the Bonus
  • Edit the Bonus Training that you want to move.
  • Select Copy to a Module in this Course or Copy as a Replay in this Course

How to Copy or Move Replay Content to Another Area of Your Course

  • In Step 3, edit the Replay
  • Select Copy to a Module in this Course
  • You can move the Replay into a regular Module, or into a Bonus Module of your choice

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