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Changing the Language of a Membership Site

Murray Gray in Course Content

Dec 07, 2020 - 2 min read. Available on all plans.

Exciting News- we’ve made new improvements and upgrades to our translation feature!

You can still change the language used for your site and courses with a single click.

And, you now also have the ability to edit and provide your own translation updates for anything you want to change!

You can make changes to your whole site, or just to a specific course.

This allows you to offer the XP interface in one language for a group of students, and another language for a second group of students.

Here's how to customize your translation, either for the whole site or for a single course

How to Change the Language for Your Entire Membership Site

Here's how to change the language globally, for your whole site. (For example, this will change things such as the Hub, where all your courses are shown).

Head to your Account section

Click on Customization

Click the dropdown menu to select your language

Scroll down further, and you can also make individual changes to any word or phrase using the “Global Translations” section.

Changes are saved automatically.

How to Change the Language for One Specific Course

Here's how to change the language for one specific course

Open up the Course, scroll all the way down to “Course Settings”

Open up “General Course Setup Thingies”

Select your Language from the dropdown menu

To make specific updates to individual words or phrases, you’ll scroll down to the section called “Customize Course Text” and open it up

From here, you can translate each word or phrase that you want to change.

Changes are saved automatically.