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What Video Formats Do You Support?

Murray Gray in Course Content

Jun 28, 2023 - 2 min read. Available on all plans.

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When you're creating on Xperiencify, we encourage you to upload your video content direct to us (.mp4 or .mov files 2 GB size limit- we recommend compressing with Handbrake).

But, we know that some folks like to bring their own video hosting platform, like Youtube, or Vimeo.

So, we've tried hard to support as many as we possibly can in our platform!

Youtube Embed Format

You can embed from Youtube in two ways, with the simple watch link, or with the embed code.

Watch link format:

Embed code format:

Vimeo Share Link

(Note, Vimeo videos are by default public, but we recommend making your course content videos "Unlisted", like this)

Wista Embed Format

Searchie Embed Format

Groove Video Embed Format

Sprout Video Format

GDrive-hosted Embed Format

Encoding Your Videos for Xperiencify

If you decide to upload your videos to XP, here's our advice for how to encode your video for best results with us.

  • First, don't save your video file in any "weird" formats or with any weird codecs. It's always safest to use your video tool's most general output settings or templates. The best formats to use are: MP4, M4V, MOV. (Never AVI or FLV!)
  • We recommend encoding your videos in H.264 whenever possible
  • Avoid "single-target" formatting -- for example, your tool might give you the option to create the best video for iPhone only. Don't do that
  • Export with multi-pass processing if you have the time. This creates higher quality videos by encoding your video content TWICE, reducing the incidence of video artifacts & providing the most benefit to videos that have areas of high motion

Those tips should help you get a great quality video file that we can process successfully!