How Your Student Can Control Pop Up Notifications

Murray Gray in Students

Dec 07, 2020 - 1 min read. Available on all plans.

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What Notifications Do Your Students Receive?

Community is a HUGE part of what makes students successful in their courses…. and at XP we’ve got lots of innovative and surprising features that make students FEEL that they’re supported!

Some of our unique features include the Warm Welcome, and Pop Up notifications when other students Like and Reply to their comments.

Depending on your volume of students, this can potentially add up to a lot of Pop Up notifications happening!

Since we want your students to be able to create an environment that’s enjoyable and helpful for their own learning, we’ve given them the ability to choose which notifications they’ll receive — and toggle off any that they don’t wish to have active.

How Students Can Turn Off Notifications

From their Account page in their course, they'll click on "Notifications"

They can individually toggle on or off the notifications for...