Community Feature: The Warm Welcome

Murray Gray in Experiencification

Dec 07, 2020 - 2 min read. Available on all plans.

Note: This feature is temporarily paused while we make some upgrades for an even better student experience!

Feeling seen, recognized, and acknowledged is a key part of your student’s experience in your course.

At XP, we make it possible to give them that welcomed feeling as soon as they join, creating motivation and a positive experience that’ll keep them wanting to come back to the course as soon as possible!

When your student joins, all students who are logged in will immediately receive a pop-up notification, letting them know that a new student has just joined, and inviting them to “click” to send them a welcome.

Once the student clicks to send a welcome, the new student will see a notification that they’ve been welcomed. And, they’ll be invited to click to send a “Thanks” right back.

When they click, the student who sent the Welcome will be notified.

It takes just a couple seconds for students to click back and forth, and it creates a wonderful, feel-good connection moment both for the new student and the one who welcomed them!

The pop up will last for 30 seconds, or a student can click on the x in the corner, and it will immediately disappear.

Creating community and a feeling of support and camaraderie among your students is one of the most powerful things you can do to increase your students’ success and engagement. With this immediate Warm Welcome, you’ll have them feeling excited and inspired from the very start.

NOTE: The pop-up notification is based on a student’s first login. If a student purchases through XP’s order form, this will happen right away, since the student is immediately taken into the course after purchase. If you manually add a student to a course, then the pop-up notification will happen the first time that the student logs in.

This feature was inspired by the "Warm Welcome" game element described by Gamification guru Yu-kai Chou.