Sending (or Resending) an Email to Students

Murray Gray in Students

Oct 14, 2022 - 3 min read. Available on all plans.

You can now easily send or re-send an email to a student or any group of students (such as everyone in a specific course).

Here’s some examples of times this could be helpful…

  • A student didn’t receive the Welcome Email (for any reason) and you want to re-send it.
  • You forgot to turn on an Experience and missed the “trigger” (such as a training being released). Instead of having to re-release the training, you can simply click to send the email.
  • You’ve decided to make a special announcement or offer to all the students in a particular course.

Whatever the reason, it's easy to email your students whenever you need.

NOTE: This process works for emails only (not SMS messages).

Here's how to send an email

  • Head over to your Students section of your Account.
  • Click on the name of one or more Students. Or, you can filter to find a group of students. Once you have the group of students you’re looking for, click “Name” to select them all.
  • From the drop down menu, choose “Send Email”
  • Choose the Course and the Email that you want, and hit “Send Email”

How to Create a NEW Email to send to your students

  • If the email you want to send doesn't already exist in your system, you'll need to create that email, first.
  • NOTE: You can create an automation with a new email that you want to send, and just leave the trigger for the automation OFF. (In other words, it doesn't matter what trigger you use to set up the automation... just leave the automation toggled off. The process described in this doc will still work).
  • In Step 5, go to the Experience Engine, and Add a New Experience.
  • Create the email that you want to send inside that Experience.
  • You can now follow the steps described above to send that email to your students

How to Email All Your Students at Once

If you want to email all your students (and you have more than one course), there’s an extra step because all of your students are not going to be in a single course.

Here's how to set that up....

  • Create a new course called “Broadcast Emails”
  • Add all of your students to that course.
  • Set up your emails for all your students in Step 5 of this course.

You can now easily send an announcement or special offer to all of your students!


  • If you’re going to send an email that isn’t already created in your Experience Engine, you’ll need to set up an Experience with your email, first.
  • If you try to send an email from a course to a student who is not already in that particular course, you'll receive an error message: