Does the Welcome Email Get Sent Automatically?

Murray Gray in Students

Dec 07, 2020 - 2 min read. Available on all plans.

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As part of our Experience Engine, XP lets you easily send automated emails or text messages to your students. And it starts with the most important piece of communication - your Welcome Email.

A common question we get is, “Does this Welcome Email happen automatically?”

Yes and No.

Built in and ready to go

When you create (or duplicate) a course, it comes pre-built with a welcome email already in place.

The welcome email includes login instructions for your student, and is ready to go as-is. Or, you can edit it, to customize it to fit your course and brand.

It’s up to you to turn it on!

Although it’s ready to go, you must take the steps below to turn it on.

This is because we want YOU to be always in control of what emails go out to your students!

So, to have your welcome emails “automatically” sent, make sure to follow the step(s) below.

Steps to turn the Welcome Email on

First, make sure the Welcome Email Automation is toggled “on” in Step 5 of the Experience Engine. You need both the Automation and the Action to be turned on. See here:

IMPORTANT: If you add students manually to a course, you have an additional step to turn on the automation.

When you add a brand new student (who’s not in your database), you’ll see this form to fill in their information. Make sure to toggle on the button for “Send Your Welcome Email”

If you’re adding a student to your course who’s already in your database (because they’re in another course of yours), then you’ll add access to the course in their student profile.

In this case, before you hit the green button to Assign them to the course, you need to toggle on the button for “Send Your Welcome Email."

If you don't have a welcome email, then you'll see this message:

And if your welcome email needs to be turned on, then you'll see this:

Once you’ve set up the steps above, your Welcome Email will be sent as soon as a student is added to a course.