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Oct 14, 2022 - 3 min read. Available on Growth Plan or Higher.

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What are custom fields?

All course hosting platforms allow you store basic information about students — stuff like name, email address, phone number. But what if you wanted to store extra info for each of your students? You'd be out of luck.

Our custom field feature allows you to create unlimited custom fields to store literally any data you might want to store about your student, and then use that data to personalize the course to them, or to customize your course's pages or your course automations.

What are some examples of kinds of custom fields?

In our courses we have used custom fields to store:

  • Coach (or instructor) name (we have 20 coaches, so the coach name will change between students)
  • Coaching booking link URL
  • Coach pic URL
  • Coach Zoom URL
  • Coaching time
  • Personality profile result
  • Milestone doc URL
  • Buddy's name
  • Discord user name
  • Skype user name
  • Twitter handle
  • Facebook
  • Birth date
  • UTM info from Google

If you use "pods" or groups for smaller groups of students inside a larger course, you can store info about this too.

What can you do with custom fields?

  • Output custom fields in any course training simply by embedding the field (see below for instructions)
  • Output custom fields on any course page (including custom pages) simply by embedding the field (see below for instructions)
  • Hyperlink any text with URLs or links contained in custom fields (see below for instructions)

Creating a custom field

  • Go to your Account page, click on the Custom Fields and click the Add + button
  • Type in the name of your custom field and click the Add New Custom Field button to save it.
  • Create as many custom fields as you wish. Here's an example after having added two:
  • Your custom fields will now be available to use for students, and you'll be able to find and edit all custom fields inside your Student edit page:
  • Most people don't update their custom fields one by one though. They connect with Zapier and send in the information from other sources, such as other CRM systems, or they hide custom field information inside the Xperiencify order form.

Embedding custom fields into training data

In this example below, we're embedding custom field info into a training action in a way that wouldn't be possible using any other course platform. Depending on the values stored in each student's custom fields, they will see a different message and a different link.

Embedding custom fields into course pages

Using the page builder, you can embed custom field values into any block on any page. Here's how it looks:

You can access your custom fields through the Tokens menu. Press the forward slash character / on your keyboard and you'll see it popup like this:

How to Allow Students to Edit their Own Custom Fields

You may want to allow your students to edit their own custom fields

To do this, right after you click Add New Custom Field -- just toggle on the option to Make the Field Value Editable by the Student

This allows the student to edit the text in their own custom field.

One common example of when you'd use this is to allow students to Edit Their Own Goals.

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