Your Students' Search Modal

Murray Gray in Students

Jun 29, 2023 - 1 min read. Available on all plans.

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Your students can now search for specific words and phrases within your course!

What Content is Searchable?

Currently, you can search:

  • Training data (name, description, notes)
  • Training Actions (name, description)
  • Training Resources (name, file name)
  • Pdf's (file name)
  • Text Content in Page Blocks
  • Video transcripts

(NOTE: videos are automatically transcribed for videos uploaded since March 2023. If a video was uploaded prior to March 2023, it won’t be automatically transcribed…. but you can re-upload the video and it will be automatically transcribed).

How to Set Up the Search Modal

Open up Step 4 and click to open the Page Builder

Edit your Navigation Bar

In the Data Dropdown menu, Toggle ON the option for "allow search within course"

Your Students will now see the search menu in the top of that page.

(NOTE: Remember to turn on the search function in the navigator menu of each page where you want it to appear).