Community Feature: Liking & Replying to Comments

Murray Gray in Experiencification

Dec 07, 2020 - 1 min read. Available on Growth Plan or higher.

Note: This feature is temporarily paused while we make some upgrades for an even better student experience!

Reading each other’s comments and responding to them is another key piece of community building for your students, and we make it easy for your students to interact with and support each other!

When your student posts a comment and someone “likes” it, we make sure they know right away. They’ll immediately receive a pop-up notification letting them know that their comment has been “liked”

When someone replies to their comment, they’ll receive a popup notifying them of the reply, and inviting them to click to reply back.

If a student clicks on the popup notification for either the “like” or the “reply”, then they’ll be taken straight to their comment to see the new activity.

And, to make it easy for you to be as involved as you’d like, all comments and replies will show up for you in your inbox in your admin account - so you have a central place where you can read and respond to all comments.

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