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Murray Gray in Community

Feb 27, 2023 - 2 min read. Available on Growth Plan or higher.

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Reading each other’s comments and responding to them is another key piece of community building for your students, and we make it easy for your students to interact with and support each other!

When your student posts a comment and someone “likes” it, we make sure they know right away. They’ll immediately receive a pop-up notification letting them know that their comment has been “liked”

When someone replies to their comment, they’ll receive a popup notifying them of the reply, and inviting them to click to reply back.

If a student clicks on the popup notification for either the “like” or the “reply”, then they’ll be taken straight to their comment to see the new activity.

And, to make it easy for you to be as involved as you’d like, all comments and replies will show up for you in your inbox in your admin account - so you have a central place where you can read and respond to all comments.

How to Edit the Message that your Students See When Someone Likes or Replies to Their Comment

To edit the messages that your students see after someone likes or replies to their comment, open up a course and scroll all the way down to "Course Settings."

Open up "Notifications"

Scroll down to "Comment Popups" and edit the messages.

How Your Student Can Control Notifications

We've found that students generally love receiving notifications, and that it really builds the engagement and sense of coummnity in your courses!

Of course, if you have a very large volume of students, the notifications could become excessive - and we've made sure to give your students full control over what popup notifications they want to receive.

Here's how your student can turn notifications off or on, based on their preference.

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