Getting Started

Your Hub

Murray Gray in Getting Started

Dec 08, 2020 - 2 min read. Available on all plans.

Your account comes with a public page (your "Hub") where your Courses can be viewed and accessed.

Here's an example Hub.

In general, the Hub has two display "modes" -- a public mode and a "logged in" mode.

When the general public visit your Hub, they will see the Courses you've made visible to the public. You might make all Courses available for viewing and purchase. Just some. Or none.

When logged-in Students visit your Hub, they'll see their already-purchased Courses at the top of the Hub, and under that, they'll see the Courses they haven't purchased yet, according to your Course visibility settings.

Finding Your Hub

From your Courses page, click on this link to go to your Hub.

Choosing which Courses are displayed on the Hub

You can choose whether or not to display specific Courses on your Hub. To adjust this:

  • Click on the Course you wish to adjust
  • Open Step 1: The Basics
  • Toggle this field ON or OFF to hide or show the Course on the Hub

Hub URL & Hub Configuration

To send people to your Hub where they can see your available courses, you’ll find the link in Step 6 of your Course Builder: Promote, Get the Word Out!

To re-arrange the order of courses, you can now drag and drop them in your course builder. This will re-order the courses in your Hub.