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Your Course Migration- Details & Deliverables

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Feb 15, 2023 - 5 min read. Available on all plans.

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You’ve purchased a plan that includes one free course migration to Xperiencify. Fantastic! Get ready to see your student engagement and completion rates soar.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Migrations are subject to approval. Also, in order for our team to do the migration, if you have two-factor login authentication enabled on your current platform, you'll need to temporarily turn that off. Contact [email protected] if you have questions!

Migration Deliverables

When you migrate a course from another platform, Xperiencify will…

  • Create the structure of your course in Xperiencify, including modules and trainings based on your course set-up in your previous platform.
  • Transfer your course content (videos, audio downloads, worksheets) into your course in Xperiencify.
  • Set up two placeholder “Training Actions” for each Training. You’ll update these with the action steps that you want your student to take after each training. See here for more help with Training Actions
  • Set up a Welcome Email (You can update or rewrite this welcome email if you choose- we’ll show you how).
  • Set up a Welcome Celebration for your students.

How long will it take to migrate my course?

The time it takes for our team to migrate your course will depend on your course size and complexity, and our current volume.

Please allow up to 2 weeks to receive your migrated course back, once we've received your complete info and instructions. (In many cases, we'll be quicker. Our average turnaround time for most courses is 3-5 business days, once we've received everything).

If you have a particular launch date you're shooting for, let us know, and we'll do our best to work with you and make it happen!

NOTE: Your migration includes one pass of uploading exactly what you've got in your course platform- please make sure that it includes everything you want us to upload.

Making the Most of Xperiencify's Features

To help you make the most of what XP can do for your course, we’ve also put together some checklists for you to consider.

Below are some things you'll want to think about, after we migrate your content and hand over your course.

(If you need help with these, we're here to answer any questions.. AND, we offer Hourly Done-For-You Services if you want our team to take care of anything for you!)

High Level Course Information

Content Release Options

  • (Do you want to release your trainings immediately when the student joins the course? Or make them available on a dripped schedule?)
  • Most common options are drip-based release and date-based release. More info here.)

Training Images

  • We will automatically give every training action a fun, random illustration for you. Or you can upload your own in Step 3 of your Course Builder- here's how. Recommended size: 640px X 360px)
  • Training action images (Optional. We will automatically give every training action a fun, random illustration for you. Or you can upload your own.)

Choose Your Student Celebrations

What are celebrations and why have them?

We have dozens of amazing, pre-created celebrations waiting for you in the Celebration Builder Gallery!

Here are some that you may want to add...

  • Completed 1st training celebration (A great opportunity to celebrate them for getting their 1st training completed.)
  • Completed 1st module celebration (A great opportunity to celebrate them for completing the first module.)
  • Completed the HARDEST training celebration (A great opportunity to celebrate them for getting through the hardest or most challenging part of your entire course)
  • Random "easter egg" celebration (Just to remind them how awesome you think they are -- this is a wonderful "pattern interrupt" surprise and is incredibly engaging for the student. You can have more than one of these if you want.)
  • Course completion celebration (The final celebration when they complete all of the course content.)

Choose Your Student Experiences

First, what are Experiences? You can think of them like automations that run in the background watching what your students are doing and responding to that, with the goal of increasing the engagement and action from each and every student. You can find more info here.

NOTE: We have dozens of amazing, pre-created Experiences waiting for you in the Experience Engine -- they're called "Playbooks". More info on that here)

Here are some Experiences you may want to add...

  • Email for each training released. More info here.)
  • Student rescue experience (Unique to XP, we have pre-created playbooks you can use which will automatically get in touch with students who haven't logged in for a certain amount of time and "rescue" them. In other words, bring them back. Here's more info on how we do that.)
  • Earned XPs experience. More info here.)
  • Course completion experience. More info here.

Get Started

contact [email protected] to get your migration started, or for further info.