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4 Big Mistakes Course Creators Make

Murray Gray in Getting Started

Jun 17, 2024 - 4 min read. Available on all plans.

FACT: Only 3% of people are typically completing or getting results from information products, which is disastrous to your repuation, your profitability and your long term survival prospects.

Most course creators have no idea about this, or if they do, have no idea how to stop it.

We've discovered that how you structure your Program is the most important thing you can change to turn this around and have 10-30 times MORE students complete your program and get results.

Here are the mistakes that most people make:

Mistake #1: Too much content

A big mistake people make is to create what I call the "kitchen sink" product -- basically, they try to cram in everything someone needs to know about a particular subject area. And when you try to do that, you lose 97% of students along the way.

But your customers buy your products to achieve a single, certain result. When you design your product around helping them achieve that, your students will complete your Program and get results at a much higher rate.

Mistake #2: No clearly defined mission

If your program feels too broad, you're likely covering more than necessary, overwhelming your students.

You should cut the Program down in size and instead, focus on a single important outcome that you'll be delivering to the student, and make it your Product "mission."

Your product mission should align with both your goals and your customers' aspirations—something they believe they can achieve. Viewing success from your customers' perspective, rather than your own, is crucial.

That's why having a crystal clear and motivating Mission is critical -- it's all about having your students focus on achieving that one key result, and making that the sole MISSION of your product.

Mistake #3: No inspirational "Future Self" vision

99.9% of the time, information products, programs and courses don't take enough time to paint the most detailed picture possible of their customers' future selves, and it's a big reason that they struggle to keep more than just a few percent of their students motivated and engaged over the long term.

When you don't help your customers see WHY this is so important to them and to their future, why would they choose to continue when it gets hard?

The WHY needs to come before the HOW, otherwise your customers will get stuck in what I call the "How Hole". Without a clear vision of where they're going and what's in it for them, most people have trouble motivating themselves to do the how.

And this is something you can do NOT JUST in every training and every piece of content, but in your MARKETING. I'm talking about your sales pages, emails, blog posts, and social media content too.

When you help your clients visualize you as a partner in their future success, they also hard-wire you into that picture as the person who will allow them to have it, making them more likely to buy from you and to tell others about you too!

Future Self done right makes prospects FAR less resistant to buying, and makes students and customers FAR less likely to bail if and when things gets tough (as they always do!)

If you already have an information product, program or course, ideally, at the end of this video you'll have some ideas for how to add this core Experience to it... (and, if you don't have a product yet, don't worry, we'll get to that soon).

Mistake #4: No experiencification

As I already mentioned, only 3% of people will complete or get results from a typical information product. More information is literally the LAST thing people need -- we're already drowning.

What we really want and value is experiences -- and when you experiencify your Program, you can turn 3% into 10-30 times that.

We've proven it in OUR business, year after year, and our students have proven it as well in their businesses.

Here's a primer on what Experiencification is and how to use it in your Program.

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