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Murray Gray in Getting Started

Apr 04, 2024 - 3 min read. .

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Does Xperiencify have a mobile app?

Yes, we offer both Android and iPhone apps – just search on "Xperiencify" in your app store to find us!

Here's The Latest on the App!

How to get your students onto the app:

  • Apart from making sure you have an active app subscription with us, there's nothing you need to do apart from what you're already doing. We're working on "deep linking" right now, which which will force email magic links to open XP inside the mobile app instead of the website (if they have the app installed, of course). We expect this to deploy soon.
  • Until that rolls out, students may use their email address & password to log into the app.

What's next for the app?

  • We have a few more hours of work to go on our Push Notifications, so look for that to be available very soon.
  • Following that, we'll be adding a "mobile editing" mode into the Page Builder to allow you to customize your mobile experience down to the pixel if you should want to!

Is there a charge to use the App?

The app is offered as a paid subscription, with the price dependent on your current plan as follows:

This price is the total you'll pay and will allow you to make the app freely available to your students.

What is the benefit to using an app?

Apps are great because: ?

  • They allow students to consume your content on-the-go, or even while sitting on the couch
  • You can send push notifications right to their device for instant attention
  • Send time-sensitive announcements ⌛️ for live events, community happenings & upgrade opportunities
  • Plus, sell more products & services directly from within your app seamlessly with a single click!

Q: Why are you charging for the app when other companies offer them for free?

Great question, and the answer is that it turns out developing mobile apps are really expensive, and many other venture-funded companies have a lot more resources that we do. (We've built Xperiencify over the last 4 years solely thanks to the revenue from our wonderful paying customers, which I love!)

The fact is that not everyone needs or wants to offer an app to their students, so instead of raising the price of XP overall for everyone, we had the idea to charge a modest monthly subscription fee only to those who want to use it. And all revenue from our app subscriptions go right back into making the app better for you!

Q: Is your app for both iPhone & Android?


Q: Can I white-label your app?

Not initially. For this first version of the app, all courses will run inside an XP-branded app. This kind of app is the simplest and cheapest to create, and provides the most amount of value to all users. However, we WILL be offering custom white-labelled version of the app in the future that won't mention the XP brand at all. There will be a setup fee involved for that, but we can't predict what that will be yet.