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Does Xperiencify Work for Serious Topics?

Murray Gray in Getting Started

Dec 08, 2020 - 4 min read. Available on all plans.

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A common question we hear goes something like this:

Q: I’m a therapist/ practitioner/ healer/ coach who works with grief/ loss/ trauma/ heavier topics. My work deals with serious issues… I’m not sure “gamifying” makes sense for what I do. Is this a fit for me?

It’s a good question. The last thing you want is for your clients or students to feel like they’re not being taken seriously, or that their challenging experiences are being made light of.

But, that’s actually not what we're up to.

So, what’s the gamification really about?

Here’s the thing… although we have a lot of fun, at XP we actually take our work REALLY seriously: empowering coaches with a platform that brings their students phenomenal results.

How do we do that?

By utilizing learning theory, psychology, and real world knowledge of what drives student completion rates to support your students’ progress and success with their course.

Bottom line: we’re all about results for your students.

(And, the unfortunate fact is that most online courses don’t get great results for their students. We're here to change that).

Why it matters

If your program or course material deals with “heavier” topics, it’s actually even more crucial to provide that extra dose of motivation, support, encouragement, and recognition for your students to succeed.

It’s the difference between students giving up, dropping out, never finishing… vs. completing all the material, following through with the appropriate action steps, checking off their goals, and making it to “Mission Accomplished”.

That’s why we’re proud to include many coaches in our community who support their clients in areas such as grief support, loss, spiritual practices, and powerful healing of all kinds.

And XP allows them to bring in that crucial bit of recognition, encouragement, and support just when it’s most needed.

Here’s just some of what we do…

What if, every time a student of yours was lagging behind or avoiding moving forward, they received a text or email, checking in to see how they were doing and offering support?

Imagine having their powerful mission statement & goals always front and center in their mind, so they can constantly be reminded of the transformation they’re creating in themselves.

And, how great would it be to have your students moving through your material in do-able stages…. taking in the material in ways their brains are naturally wired to do, and integrating the learning by putting it into an action step after every training…. driving powerful feelings of accomplishment and momentum?

That’s what’s possible with XP.

Customize the platform to fit the feel of your course

Not to mention, you can customize many aspects of the platform to fit your course's needs.

If your program’s about healing grief, then you probably won’t choose “cha-ching” as the sound effect for when a student completes an action step.

More likely, you’ll explore sound effects such as the Harp, Sound Bowl, Spiritual Flute, Soulful Flute, or Calm to find the perfect vibe for your course. (Or, if you don’t find your perfect sound effect, you can upload your own!).

Similarly, you can customize your celebrations (or maybe you’ll call them “recognitions”) with hundreds of options for motivation and inspiration.

Your course’s vibe is yours, and will be unique to you and what you offer. We recognize and strongly support that!

And we also know what works to get your students the powerful results that you can offer them… especially when the stakes are high and the challenges are real.

You have the expertise to help your clients… let us show you how to translate that knowledge into courses that bring real-world, game-changing results.