Adding a Tag for Specific Payment Option Selected

Murray Gray in Selling

Oct 12, 2023 - 1 min read. Available on All Plans.

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Tagging students individually based on which payment option they choose

You can now add a Tag when a student selects a specific payment option!

This feature is super helpful for easily organizing your students based on their payment method, or assigning different content based on purchase level.

For example, you could...

  • tag your "full-payers" to give them special bonuses, content or access
  • tag your installment plan folks differently for different treatment
  • tag each subscription level separately to give special VIP treatment to those who pay you more

How to Add a Tag for a Specific Payment Option

  • Open "Right Column Data" to Edit Your Prices
  • Scroll down and select the price that you want to edit, and click the arrow to edit
  • Add the Tag for your Payment Option right here:
  • You can use the dropdown menu to select from your existing tags, or simply create on on the fly, by typing it into the text field:

Any student who purchases using this payment method will now have this tag.