Our Transaction Fees

Murray Gray in Selling

Feb 12, 2023 - 3 min read. Launch plan only.

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Do you charge transaction fees?

On the Launch plan ONLY, we charge a 4.9% transaction fee on all transactions processed through the Xperiencify Order Form.

In other words, we charge you a very small fee whenever we process an order on your behalf into your Stripe account.

IMPORTANT: We ONLY charge this transaction fee on the Launch plan. All other plans are free of any kinds of transaction fees.

Why do you charge a Transaction Fee on the Launch plan?

The "Launch" plan is designed for beginner and early-stage businesses, and when you’re in the early stages, things are so much easier when you can minimize your risk by getting your software expenses as low as possible.

That’s why we decided to help out by offering an ultra-low $49/mo plan with a small $4.9% transaction fee -- so that we can share both the risk and the reward. You get the platform for cheap, and we make a couple dollars extra here and there when you make a sale.

And once it makes sense to upgrade, the next plan up currently is the "Growth" plan at $149/mo that is completely free of transaction fees.

Does the Launch plan have any other restrictions?

If you're on the Launch plan, you must use Stripe in conjunction with our order if you want to take orders and make sales.

Taking or making sales on any other platform and adding them to your Xperiencify account is specifically against our Terms of Service.

This is how we faciliate the transaction fee system, and how we can keep the plan's price so low for you.

Who is the "merchant of record" for my students?

If you're processing with our order form, you are the merchant that your student will see on their credit card statement.

If you're processing using any other shopping cart, or payment processing service, you will need to check with them to understand what appears on your customer's credit card statement.

Anything else I should know?

Our Launch plan is designed to help make it affordable for people at whatever stage they’re at in their business, and not to used in a back-and-forth style to avoid fees.

Unfortunately we have had people abusing this system to save money by upgrading and downgrading within a short period of time. For this reason, we ask for a 6 month commitment on any plan upgrade before you downgrade again.

How does it work technically?

We explain everything over here on the Xperiencify Order Form article.