Affiliate Tracking

Murray Gray in Selling

Dec 07, 2020 - 2 min read. Available on Growth plan or higher.

Due to popular demand, you can now track your affiliates directly inside of your Xperiencify account!

How to Track Affiliates

It's super-simple to track your affiliates. Simply add a ?ref= to the end of any order form link and we'll save the affiliate's name alongside the successful order for you.

Here's an example of a regular order form link (without an affiliate):

Here's an example of the same order form link WITH an affiliate code at the end:

So, just add "?ref=affiliate_name" at the end, and replace "affiliate_name" with anything you like. For example, if your affiliate's name is Michael Taylor, then you could create a link like "?ref=MichaelTaylor", for a complete order form link like this:

That's all you need to do in order to begin tracking salels by individual affiliates.

Reporting on Affiliate Sales

There are a number of ways of reporting on your affiliate sales.

  • In your Students page you'll see a column which lists the affiliate code that was used by each student (if it exists) and the coupon code (if a coupon was used)
  • In the detail page for any Student, you'll be able to see the coupon that was used to purchase each course (if one was used):
  • You can also perform an CSV export of student data while filtering on either the "Affiliate" or the "Course" filter (or both). The report will include a column showing whether there was a coupon used for the purchase.

Paying on Affiliate Sales

Doing automatic payouts to affiliates isn't (yet) a process that Xperiencify can handle for you.

To pay your affiliates you'll need to do a report on your sales (see above) and make payments manually through your own systems such as bank transfer, Paypal or Stripe.

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