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Core Experience #10: Mission Accomplished

Murray Gray in Gamification & Experiencification

Dec 07, 2020 - 3 min read. Available on all plans.

Universally, we all have a deep need to feel a sense of completion, so the best courses have a clear beginning and a clear end…

You want to give your customers the feeling of satisfaction of actually completing your product and getting across the finish line to mission accomplished by really creating the space to celebrate the end of your product.

You want to end your product with a bang not a whimper. And unfortunately most information-based products just kind of peter out, either because people lose interest and stop taking action or because there wasn’t a clear mission to celebrate. Many product creators forget to celebrate their students when they successfully complete the product and get the result.

This robs your customers of a critical moment of pride, confidence, satisfaction & closure. It also robs you of the chance to strengthen your relationship with your customers at the most critical moment -- the moment of completion, when all their hard work pays off and they achieve the ultimate win: Mission Accomplished.

This is the moment when they realize the full value of the work you’ve done together and appreciate the progress they’ve made.

Plus, a great Mission Accomplished celebration is a great place to suggest what they should buy next to continue the journey of transformation with you. We all want to know what the next challenge is, right?

Human culture is based on celebration and rites of passage. People need to feel a sense of completion when they finish something big.

So, how can you craft a celebration that allows your customers to really feel the win and connect with their success?

We have dozens of pre-created examples waiting for you in our Celebration Builder:

And then, you take it up a level by laying out their next options. Tell them what they can and should do next. Recommend the next thing they should do with your company.

Is it:

  • the next course or product they should buy?
  • a call with someone on your team?
  • or something else?

Anytime you manage to get a student to the end of a course, it's a massive achievement, and they're likely to become customers for life if you handle it right. And that's how you get 10-30 times more students to the finish line of your course and then have them not just ready, but eager to buy from you again -- your next thing, and your next AND your next.

That's how you generate so much success for your students that they tell the world about that success, and by extension you and your courses.

And that's what this is all about.

Make your course 16 times more profitable than the norm, increasing student completion by 10-30 times, so the lifetime value of each and every student jumps 5-10 times.

This is exactly what happened in our business when we installed these profit accelerators and it's what happened in the businesses of our students too.

It isn't magic -- it's science, and you'll have these results too if you follow what we've shown you over the past 10 days, and if you have a platform that allows you to implement as many of these profit accelerators as possible.

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