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Core Experience #2: Future Self

Murray Gray in Gamification & Experiencification

Dec 07, 2020 - 5 min read. Available on all plans.

Now moving on, I want to ask an important question of you. And that question is -- how would your life change if YOU were able to create & launch a lucrative Experience Product in 10 weeks from now? If you were able to make more money and achieve success for more than 70% of your customers?

Listen, you probably know exactly how much money you made last month. Think of that number. Whether it was $1K, $5K, $10K, or $50K. Or even if you're just getting started and didn't make any money, imagine what it would be like to earn something from your business. Now imagine if you made literally, 10 times that much? 10 weeks from now. Or you had income from your first Experience Product starting to come in. Imagine how you'd spend that income. And imagine the type of lifestyle you'd be able to provide your family if you could repeat those kinds of results over and over again... and more.

We don't live a lavish lifestyle. I don't have a supermodel husband. I'm not going to show you pictures of fancy cars or yachts or anything like that .But we live in a nice place 3 blocks from Venice Beach and we've been able to do a few things we've always wanted to -- like hiring a personal trainer; getting weekly massages in our home; and having access to healthy, delicious food so we can stay focused and productive. Plus we're able to do one of the things that matters most to us - and that's travel, a lot!

We just got back from 7 weeks in Spain, Belarus and Russia, and the past few years we've vacationed in Italy, Bali, the South of France, Sweden, Portugal, Costa Rica, Thailand, the Netherlands, and a bunch of other places too!

It's also allowed us to indulge in our own kind-of-expensive-regular restaurant habit -- Murray and I are big foodies, we love tasting menus, and new experiences, so we try a new restaurant here in Los Angeles each week that allows us to explore different parts of the city and try a new kind of food.

Now, your picture of success could look totally different than ours, and whatever it looks like for you, imagine it in as much detail as you can. Imagine having the financial means to create the lifestyle you want to live, to provide for your family and to provide for your tribe as well as the freedom and time to enjoy it. Not some time in the distant future, but starting right now. Today.

By taking even just a moment to consider what you want your future to look like, you're trying on a different Future Version of You, and that can be massively motivating.

The process of helping you imagine what your life will be like after experiencing our product is CORE EXPERIENCE #2 -- Future Self, and it goes hand in hand with Core Experience #1: Mission. I'd even argue that you can't define a Mission for your students and customers without painting a picture of a Future Self that they'll want to achieve.

Studies show that if you can clearly visualize yourself doing something or achieving a specific result, you reach a higher level of self-belief and you're far more likely to achieve it…

That's because we stimulate the same regions in the brain when we visualize doing something as when we actually do it. So when you visualize yourself doing the Macarena, you activate the same part of the brain that activates when you actually DO the Macarena.

And this creates new neural pathways that "teach" our body to act in a way that's consistent to what we just pictured.

Visualization is one of those extremely powerful tools that's a universal and deep part of human nature… and 99.9% of the time, information products, programs and courses don't take enough time to paint the most detailed picture possible of their customers' future selves, and it's a big reason that they struggle to keep more than just a few percent of their students motivated and engaged over the long term. When you don't help your customers see WHY this is so important to them and to their future, why would they choose to continue when it gets hard?

The why needs to come before the HOW, otherwise your customers will get stuck in what I call the "How Hole". Without a clear vision of where they're going and what's in it for them, most people have trouble motivating themselves to do the how.

And this is something you can do NOT JUST in every training and every piece of content, but in your MARKETING. I'm talking about your sales pages, emails, blog posts, and social media content too.

Like James Mayfield Smith, who was able to use Future Self to help sell more of his program. In his words: "I helped them connect the dots to what would be possible for them if they began to consistently use these strategies. This opened their eyes to the future self possibility of joining the program. I quickly enrolled 3 more paying customers for an extra $1,494 that I would not have earned otherwise."

And MOST IMPORTANTLY - when you use this Core Experience not only can your customers and clients visualize you as a part of their future success, they also hard-wire you into that picture as the person who will allow them to have it, making them more likely to buy from you and to tell others about you too!

Future Self done right makes prospects FAR less resistant to buying, and makes students and customers FAR less likely to bail if and when things gets tough (as they always do!)

If you already have an information product, program or course, ideally, at the end of this video you'll have some ideas for how to add this core Experience to it... (and, if you don't have a product yet, don't worry, we'll get to that soon).

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