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The Experience Formula

Murray Gray in Gamification & Experiencification

Dec 08, 2020 - 3 min read. Available on all plans.

Welcome to the Googlepocalypse. A world of 130 trillion web pages. Where 500 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube EVERY SINGLE SECOND.

Where human knowledge is doubling every 12 hours

A world where anyone can get access to virtually ANY piece of information anytime, for FREE.

We are drowning in information...bombarded by it every second of the day, even as we sleep...

You could say we're "hooked", but it's not making us happier, healthier, richer, or more fulfilled. Just the opposite in fact.

Over the last decade, we've become less and less happy, with less social support and personal freedom. Depression has ballooned almost 20% in a decade, making depression the leading cause of disability worldwide.

The "GoogleTopia" that we were promised, where all of this information would make the world a better place and improve people's lives… never actually materialized.

Yet people continue to push MORE information as the answer:

Hundreds of thousands of NEW information products, programs and courses are released every single year by hopeful entrepreneurs...

YET On average, less than 3% of people ever complete any information product and most info products will never get more than 100 paying customers

Think about that for a moment. If you have a business that sells information, the real value of that information is rapidly approaching ZERO.

And you've found yourself in a dying industry.

This is the GooglePocalypse, where creating and selling info products that make a real difference for your students, clients and customers is harder than ever.

And for those of you who recognize this… well, I need YOUR help.

I'm Marisa Murgatroyd, founder of Live Your Message and creator of the Experience Product Masterclass. And I want you to know that there IS an antidote.

It's called the Experience Formula.

The 10 Core Experiencies of the Experience Formula revolutionize how THE most successful entrepreneurs online today are creating and delivering massively successful and lucrative online products, programs and courses.

It dramatically increases the amount of people investing in my products and programs, and engaging with the information, taking action, getting concrete results that change their lives… and THEN coming back to buy again and again.

When you use it, you'll have 10-30 times more students completing your course or program and get results.

In fact, when you follow the Experience Formula, and implement all some or all of the Core Experiences, you'll create your program content in such a way that people don't even need to make it through the entire program to get results.

In the next articles I'm going to share with you the 10 parts of the Experience Formula, and show you how we help you implement it with Xperiencify!

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