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Core Experience #4: Constant Wins

Murray Gray in Gamification & Experiencification

Dec 08, 2020 - 5 min read. Available on all plans.

"Constant Wins" is one of the 10 Core Experiences of the Experience Formula, and it's something you can start using right now in your business and your life.

See, here's the thing: whether it's big or small, to our natural reward system, a win is a win is a win. Each win, big or small, delivers those happy chemicals to our brains that keep us motivated and moving forward. And not only that -- each win, no matter how small, builds our confidence, and with more confidence, comes more action and more success.

So the Core Experience of "Constant Wins" is all about delivering a series of small wins along the way, instead of one big win at the end. "Constant Wins" builds confidence, motivation, and positive emotions one small "win" at a time that gradually escalates into bigger actions, bigger wins, and big results. And before you know it you're on a roll and You. Feel. Unstoppable.

In fact, Constant Wins are so important that in every single product I create, I build every piece of training around one simple, clear, and easy win.

Here's one quick example: when new students join the Experience Product Masterclass, I immediately give them their first very short training right there on the purchase confirmation page. That training, like all the others, has one simple action step attached to it. No waiting for that email to arrive. No need to get a password and log into a membership site. It's right there on the confirmation page. You're in action immediately, chalking up your first few wins, and looking for your next.

There's just NO opportunity for the dreaded Downward Death Spiral to start -- right away you realize this is a whole different animal. And this is the reason we saw ridiculous engagement leading to such incredible conversions, dollars and most importantly results for our students.

In fact, our last class of students were so engaged that they left over 100 pages of testimonials on our site when they hit "Mission Accomplished". And I'll share more about the core experience of Mission Accomplished in the next video.

So let me ask you: how would you like to receive 100 pages of testimonials from your students for a single product after just 10 weeks? That's pretty unheard-of in our industry, and it's something you can have too when you build in Constant Wins, along with the other 9 Core Experiences that form the Experience Formula.

I want to give you 2 very quick ways to build some Constant Wins into your existing or new products, programs and courses (and even into your coaching, consulting and services too):

When someone joins your program, don't overload them right out of the gate with content and information that isn't tied to a first, single, small action that can get done, finished and achieved within minutes if not seconds.

Most training programs include an entire first module or "pre-training" that's just wall-to-wall content, without any action except "watching videos." As experts, we're SOOOO anxious to share our expertise that it can feel like a firehose sometimes. This is mistake #1 because you're basically conditioning people NOT to take action. You're conditioning them to sit at their desk and listen like "good little students." And that's just not how we learn best...

Second, don't make that first action or decision you give too challenging or too complex. Make it easy peasy, so no one can ever think, "I don't know," "I don't have time," or "Dear Lord don't ask me that, I have no bloody idea what I'm doing!"

When this happens, they automatically feel like they're already behind, or not meeting expectations, or they don't know what they're supposed to do or, even worse, what the expectations are. And when people are feeling like that, they usually give up and walk away.

This is the Downward Death Spiral in action.

So how do you start your product with an easy win and then create Constant, Escalating Wins for people throughout the entire product journey? How do you do that for outcomes or deliverables that may seem huge or complex? It's crucial to create a "game" that your customers feel like they can win by chunking your products and outcomes down into bite-sized steps that anyone can do easily and know when they've done it right.

I'll tell you a little secret that will change the way you view your work and your customers forever:

  • Your sales & marketing process alone should be FILLED WITH WINS! And if you position them right, you can build some serious momentum of Constant Wins before they ever even get to your product.
  • So instead of just delivering "value-based content", add in a specific action that leads to a quick win that gets them results. And as a matter of fact, there's a surprise win waiting for you when you comment on this video!
  • Instead of just going straight for a "hard sell", ask yourself how your prospects and customers can feel rewarded as they go through the sales process. How can they engage and start feeling like they're winning...

Creating a game you know they can win is how you "hook" people on taking action, get them in motion and keep them going all the way across the finish line.

So, now, if you've made it through this article is a win... and your NEXT win is to plan for how to incorporate Constant Wins into your course or program.

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