My Student Can't Login!

Murray Gray in Students

Dec 08, 2020 - 2 min read. Available on all plans.

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This article will show you the 3 ways you can a student log in to any course that they've registered for or purchased.

Locate and Use the Welcome Email

If you're using our automatic Course Welcome email, then the first way you can help a student log into their course is to ask your student to locate their Course Welcome email. It will contain their login instructions.

If they can't locate the email in their inbox, ask them to search in the "spam" folder as well, as emails will frequently get sent there.

Tips for effective searching: ask them to search on specific keywords that might be contained in your welcome email -- eg: your course title. If they're a Gmail user, then add in:anywhere to their search phrase, to make Gmail search in every inbox possible.

"Magic Link" method

Read more about the "Magic Link" method here!

By Changing Your Student's Password For Them

Changing your Student's password for them is the "nuclear" method for helping your Student get back into your Course environment. If neither of the options above work for your Student, you can do this as a last resort:

Click to the Students page in your account

Use the Search bar to find the Student in question, and click on their name to edit their record

Click the Edit

Enter a new password into the Password field and save it

Give the new password to your Student!