Why Aren't my Student's Points Adding Up?

Murray Gray in Students

Dec 08, 2020 - 2 min read. Available on all plans.

One of the ways we motivate students is with the use of points.

If you're calculating a students' total points and things aren't adding up, here are some things to check...

Module Points

In addition to the points for completing each training, you can also set points for when the students complete each module

By default, when you set up a new course, the students will be awarded 10 XP's for completion of the module.

You can change the points for module completion in Step 3, by editing the Module...

Goal Points

Students will also receive points if they check off the goals that you've set as "completed". You can edit the Students' goals in Step 4, by going to the Course Home Page.

When students check off the goal, they'll receive the number of points you've assigned to that goal.

Content That's Not Available Yet

If you have content that's still in Draft mode-- then those points will NOT be counted in the total available points for the student. After the content becomes available, then the Points will become available as well.

This means that the total Available number of points can fluctuate, as you add more content or take it out of Draft mode.

Still Need Help?

If these tips don't solve it, and you're still having trouble figuring out the points- just drop us a message using the chat widget and we'll help you out!