How are total points calculated?

Murray Gray in Students

Nov 24, 2023 - 2 min read. Available on all plans.

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Calculating Points

One of the ways we motivate students is with the use of actions that give points when checked off.

If you're calculating a student's total points and things aren't adding up, here are all the places where points may be hiding that contribute to the total:

Available Points

Your student will always see their "Available Points" - this number may fluctuate, as the student progresses.

For example, content that's in "draft" mode doesn't get counted into the "Available Points" total for students -- because it's not yet available.

Also, Module Completion Points are extra "Surprise" points - they're not counted in the "Available Points" before the student has completed the Module.

This means that the total available number of points can fluctuate, as a student moves through the course.

Still Need Help?

If these tips don't solve it, and you're still having trouble figuring out the points- just drop us a message using the chat widget and we'll help you out!