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Apr 13, 2023 - 2 min read. Platinum & Scale only.

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Sub-accounts are fully-functional Xperiencify accounts that YOU control.

For example, you may want to resell XP accounts to clients, customers or partners, handle the billing directly, and have control over those accounts. We sell them to you on an annual basis at a discount over our retail prices (starting at 30%) and bill you directly for them once per year.

Creating a new sub-account

  • Click to the Account > Sub-accounts page, and click the green Add a new sub-account button
  • Fill in the info about your sub-account and its owner, and choose a plan for your sub-account (You can see all plans here)
  • You can choose your own password, or have us auto-generate a password
  • Click the green Add New Sub-Account button to generate the new sub-account

Once generated, the new account will be displayed like this for you:

You have a number of options under the "..." menu at the far right:

Your options are:

  • Copy Magic Link: This copies a link to your clipboard. This is the 1-click login link to get into the sub-account with no username or password required. It's going to look a little like: ""
  • Add a Course: This allows you copy on your YOUR courses into the new sub-account
  • Change Password: Allows you to change the password of your sub-account
  • Deactivate: Turns the account off so that nobody can log into it or use it – either administrators or students
  • Delete: Completely removes the account and its data from your database

    Logging in to the sub-account:

    There are 2 ways to gain access to the account:

    • With the email and password that were used to create the account, or if you didn't provide a password, you can reset password on this page, or the sub-account owner can do a password reset from the login page
    • Using the magic link that's readily available as explained above

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