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Set Up a Custom Domain

Murray Gray in Your Account

Dec 08, 2020 - 3 min read. Available on Growth plan or higher.

The Subdomain URL

By default, all Xperiencify membership site URLs will look like

The "YourName" part is always completely customizable. We call this a "subdomain" URL, and as long as no-one else has taken it, you can get the one you want! (Here's how to change your subdomain URL).

The Custom Domain/URL

However, sometimes people don't want "" to be in the URL of their membership site. Instead, they want their students to see another URL, such as:


"Custom domains" such as these can give a more professional look to your school, and your students won't know that they're using Xperiencify.

To set up your own XP account to use a custom domain, there are a few steps to follow, and I'll detail them below. Our support team are also happy to take care of whatever they can for you, so long as you're comfortable sharing the login details of your domain provider (the website where you registered the domain name you wish to use for your XP school.)

IMPORTANT: You cannot share the same domain for your website and Xperiencify.

If you're already using a domain for your business, and you're interested in using a custom domain for Xperiencify, we recommend buying a similar domain and adding on "academy" "course" "school" "program" etc. For example:

  • - Your wordpress website, marketing site, etc
  • - Your xperiencify course or training content lives here

Setting Up a Custom Domain

  • Inside XP, click into your Account page
  • Scroll down until you find the section named Your School / Membership Site URL
  • Click on the Use a custom domain? toggle so that it's enabled
  • Once clicked, type in the domain name you wish to use and click the Save button
  • You should now see a message that says Status: Waiting for DNS (check again). This means we've accepted your domain name, and are now waiting for you to update your DNS records to point to us
  • To get detailed instructions for how to do that, click the Instructions for setting up your DNS link
  • A popup will appear that shows instructions for the new nameservers you must use for your domain. (Important: we require you to use our DNS for the entire domain.)
  • Here's an example of how the change looks on Domain Registrar -- we are simply using new DNS servers instead of the default ones
  • Make sure to save your changes, and then it's time to relax for a few hours, because while nameserver updates can sometimes happen quickly, most usually they take at least a few hours to be visible to the world
  • Click the check again link whenever you want us to check your domain again, but remember -- the watched pot never boils ;-)
  • Once it has updated, you'll see this instead:
  • This means that your new domain is ready to use for your Xperiencify school. If you visit the URL now, you'll see that the Hub is now being displayed, which is where all your courses are available for sale (or to access, if your student is logged in as they visit that page.)