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Can I Have Additional Admins for My Account?

Murray Gray in Your Account

Sep 22, 2022 - 1 min read. Available at Growth Level or Higher.

You may want to have your VA or other team members be able to login to your Admin account.

This is now available on the Growth and Enterprise plans!

How to Add an Additional Admin to Your Account

  • From Your Account section, click on the "Team" tab
  • Click on the button to Add a new Team Member
  • Enter your Team Member's email address in the popup box
  • Your Team Member will receive an email, inviting them to become a co-administrator on the account.
  • Their account will remain in "Invited" status until they click a link inside the invitation email to become an administrator on your account.
  • Once the invite link is clicked, their status will change to be "Active".

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: Currently, all sub-admins have full admin permissions. But coming soon, we'll have role-based permissions to allow you to specify the kind of sub-admin they want to create:

  • full control
  • content admin only
  • student admin only

Growth Level Accounts have two additional admins (besides the primary account holder)

Enterprise Level Accounts have five additional admins.