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Your Customer Service Email

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Jan 17, 2023 - 2 min read. Available on all plans.

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Your Customer Service Email

As you know, when we send emails, while we must send emails from our own mail server, we used to use your customer support email address in the “REPLY-TO” field so that student replies would come to you.

However, we found that we were receiving many replies (that were meant for you) regardless of this setting.

This is concerning, because: we don’t want to receive emails meant for you, and you don’t want that either! And it also means that for some reason, many email systems are changing their behavior to IGNORE this REPLY-TO setting.

For those reasons, we’ve made 2 changes in our system:

Automated Emails Will Now Come from a "No-Reply" Address

We’re now sending emails from a “no-reply” email address that students cannot reply to.

If they do, they’ll receive a bounce message, which will prompt them to use an email address they know is good to contact you.

How to Set Up a Customer Service Reply-to Address

We’ve put in a bunch of time to set up a new system that allows us to send using your email address.

It’s called DKIM, and it’s available right now in the Accounts > “Your School” tab in your Accounts area.

Setting up your email address using this new system basically allows us to send emails to your students as you – they won’t see our email address at all, and it’s the best practice way to send emails on behalf of others.

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