Creating a Waitlist for Your Course

Murray Gray in Selling

Jan 17, 2023 - 3 min read. Available on all plans.

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A common Q we get is: How can I create a “waitlist” for my course?

Creating a waitlist is a great way to build anticipation for your launch (while capturing emails of interested students)…. and at XP we’ve got lots of ways you can build the excitement!

How to Create a Waitlist for Your Course

A fun way to set this up is to create a waitlist "course" in Xperiencify.

First step is you’ll create your Order Form — this is where you’ll capture the email addresses for interested students. You can customize your Order Form to describe the benefits of your course and WHY they should sign up for the Waitlist (such as first chance to enroll, or an early-bird offer).

Once students add their name and email to sign up, they’ll be automatically directed into the waitlist “course” — which could consist simply of a homepage reiterating the benefits of joining. You could also use videos, images, success stories, and info to get them excited about what's to come.

You’ll set this all up by customizing the Home Page of your course. You can add whatever blocks of content you choose, including video blocks.

Make sure to customize your Navigation menu at the top of the page and your Footer at the bottom - just remove all tabs except the tab for the HomePage (since you probably won’t be using them, and you don’t need students clicking around to “empty” pages).

Enrolling Students

When you’re ready to enroll the “real” course, just email the students in your waitlist and send them a link to the Sales Page or the Order Form of your official course. (You can easily send an email to all students at any time, using our Broadcast-Style Email feature).

If you’ve chosen to offer them an Early Bird Discount, or a special offer for being on your waitlist, you can set up a discount coupon code and give them the coupon code in the email.

Your students will then be able to sign up for and immediately be added to your course.

Using XP's features to build an attention-grabbing waitlist means even more anticipation for your students, and signals right away that they're about to have a unique experience that's unlike other courses they've taken before.

Pro tip: If you'd like, you can even charge a small fee for the Waitlist and call it a “deposit” for your course. Then, give students a coupon code for the amount of the deposit that they paid, to apply to their official enrollment.

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