How Do I "Pause" My Order Form Between Launches?

Murray Gray in Selling

Sep 29, 2022 - 2 min read. Available on all plans.

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A common question we get is “how can I keep people from signing up while the course is closed”?

If you DON'T want a course to be available for signup, there’s two places that you’ll want to think about…. your Marketplace, and Your Order Form.

Your Marketplace

If you don't want a course available for purchase on your Marketplace, you have a couple of options.

The first option is to Hide Your Course from the Marketplace. Here's How to do that.

Another option is to Customize Your Marketplace, so that the "Join Now" buttons say something like "Join the Waitlist"

Then, you can connect the "Join the Waitlist" button to an outside CRM, and collect email addresses to notify your students when the course is launched

Your Order Form

The second place to consider is your actual order form.

Even if you're not actively sending out the Order Form Link, you may have potential students who have received the link to your Order Form in the past.

If there's a period of time where you DON'T want them signing up, you can edit your Order form and remove the Order Form block.

Now, you can add a Text and Images Block with info that tells your students that you'll be back open for registration soon!

First, grab a Text and Images Block, and drag and drop it onto your page.

Click to Edit the Content of the Block

Customize the Block, and add the info for your students

If a student clicks on the Order Form link, they'll see your message about when the course will re-open.