Why Aren't My Experiences Firing?

Murray Gray in Troubleshooting

Feb 07, 2021 - 3 min read. Available on all plans.

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If you’ve set up an Experience such as a Welcome Email or a Student Rescue Campaign, and it’s not firing, it’s probably one of two reasons. We’ll go through them here.

How do I know if my Experiences are firing?

First, how do you know if your experiences are firing? In your student’s profile, you can check their “Activity Log” to see all of the activity (for example, whether an email has been sent).

From the “Students” Section, click on a particular student, and click on the section that says “Activity” to open up the log.

You'll be able to see a record of everything, including which experiences have fired.

If an Experience hasn't fired... you'll see a message indicating why

PRO TIP: When you're creating your Experiences in Step 5, make sure to name your automations very clearly - i.e. "Training Five Release Email" or "Week Five Released"

This name is what will show up in your Activity Log-- telling you exactly which Experiences have (or haven't) fired.

What do I need to do to make sure the Experiences fire?

#1: Make sure the Experience is toggled on in Step 5.

You'll need to have both the Experience AND the actions inside the Experience turned on.

In this example, you have the Experience toggled on, and inside the Experience you have a Welcome Email, and an SMS message- these are both toggled on as well.

#2: If you are adding a student manually, you must toggle on the Send Welcome Email option at the time you add them. If you don’t do this step, the Welcome automations won’t fire. Here's how to do it:

When manually adding a brand new student to your database, after you’ve added their info and selected the course you’re adding them to, scroll down to toggle on the “Send Welcome Email”

When adding an existing student who’s already in your database to a new course…. before you hit the green “assign” button, make sure to first click this toggle on here:

If you don't have a welcome email set up, you'll get this message:

And if your welcome email isn't turned on, you'll see this:

For additional troubleshooting, see My Student isn't Getting Emails

And if you still have questions, just drop us a message at the Support Desk and we'll help you out!

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