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Introduction to the Experience Engine

Murray Gray in Gamification & Experiencification

Jan 04, 2024 - 5 min read. Available on all plans.

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Until now, membership site platforms were just places to put your course content.

You had no idea how much (or how little) your students were interacting with it. How often (or how infrequently) they were logging in, or how much (or how little) action they were taking.

And obviously you had no way to communicate with them based on that information -- which meant you had no way to reach out in any personalized way to students. Either to encourage the lagging students to re-engage, or to encourage the active folks to "keep it up".

And worse, you've been completely in the dark about how effective your course is at helping people get the outcome you've promised them.

Most course creators have a vague sense of student completion and happiness, based on feedback received, refund requests, and other such lagging, incomplete indicators, which are too late and too fuzzy to really take action on.

That ends today.

Welcome to the Experience Engine.

Unique to Xperiencify, think of the Experience Engine like your own private course concierge who works tirelessly behind the scenes 24 hours, actively looking for ways to create an amazing experience for your students... so they engage more deeply with your content, start to love taking action, and who'd never think of abandoning your course.

What kinds of Experiences are possible to create?

Every course comes with one default Experience -- the "Student Welcome" Experience, which sends an email to any new students who join your course.

Some of the most common kind of Experiences we make it possible to create are:

  • The "Student Rescue" Experience -- if your student hasn't logged in in over X days or weeks, we can automatically send them an email, SMS & Voicemail followup campaign to get them back on track
  • The "XPs Earned" Experience -- if your student just earned a certain amount of XPs or XXPs -- automatically show a Celebration, a congrats email or SMS message, or even release extra content or a bonus (coming soon)
  • If your student completes a specific module or training, send them an email or an SMS
  • If you student completes the entire course, show a full screen celebration animation or automatically post a message on your Facebook Group.
  • If a student achieves one of the course goals you set for them, send congratulate & encouragement messages to keep them going, and achieve even more

NOTE: Experiences are kicked off by triggers. We have a lot to choose from, allowing you to experiencify virtually any aspect of your course and student experience.

What can you do with an Experience?

  • Email: Allows you to send an email to your student (available on all plans)
  • SMS: Allows you to send an SMS message to your student (available on all plans)
  • Ringless Voicemail Drop (available for Growth Plan or higher): Allows you to drop a pre-recorded voicemail on a student's phone without it ringing!
  • Post to Facebook Group (available for Growth Plan or higher): Allows you to leave a pre-written, customized message on your course Facebook group
  • Webhook: (available for Growth Plan or higher): Post a webhook to any cloud service, such as Zapier
  • Add to Course (available for Growth Plan or higher): Automatically add a student to a course
  • Unlock Module (available for Growth Plan or higher): Automatically release a module and all its trainings
  • Remove from Course (available for Growth Plan or higher): If you want to create an upgrade or "VIP" option, you can set up an action to remove a student from their current course and add them to the upgraded version.
  • Add or Remove Tags (available for Growth Plan or higher): Use tags to create "buckets" of students and send appropriate communication... for example, congratulating them for taking action or inviting them back if they start to slip away.

How to Save an Experience to Your Library

Once you've created an Experience, you may want to save it and re-use it. We've added an option for you to easily save it to your Library

  • After you've created an Experience, click the dropdown menu here and select "Save to Library"
  • You can now re-use your Experience in any course, by selecting it from your Library

The sky's the limit for what you can do to keep students engaged and excited so they can't wait to keep going with your course!

How to Create Different Pathways for your Students Within an Experience

You can now create completely customized paths for your students!

For example, maybe you tag students as "VIPs" and "Non-VIPs" as they join your course or program. You can then use those tags to create separate & unique pathways inside any given Experience to tailor the experience to different segments of students. This is just one example of what you could do based on the tags you give students!

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