What if Stripe isn't Available in my Country?

Murray Gray in Selling

Dec 08, 2020 - 1 min read. Available on all plans.

Stripe is currently supported in 44 countries around the world… you can see a full list right here.

But, what if Stripe isn’t supported in your country?

Can you still use Xperiencify?

Absolutely! You’ll just need to be on the Growth Plan or higher, so you can integrate with another payment processor.

As long as you’re on the Growth Plan or higher, you can use Zapier to integrate XP with a payment processor of your choice (such as PayPal, ThriveCart, etc).

Here’s some more info about using Zapier.

Note: If you’re on the Launch Plan, it’s part of our Terms of Service that you only use Stripe along with XP’s order form. This is because we take a transaction fee for each sale when you’re on the Launch Plan.

For this reason, integrating with another payment processor is not available on the Launch Plan.

But, no worries…. by making use of XP’s unique gamification features that keep your students hooked and coming back for more, you’ll be easily bringing in profits to cover your platform fee (and way beyond).