Taking Payments through Stripe

Murray Gray in Selling

Jun 10, 2023 - 2 min read. Available on all plans.

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The easiest way to take payments through Stripe is to use our beautiful built-in order forms

How to Use XP's Order Forms and Stripe

When you use XP's built in order forms, Stripe will be your payment processor. When a student purchases a course, the payment will be automatically created in Stripe.

If you want to send receipts automatically to your students, you'll set that up inside your Stripe account - here's how. (You can contact Stripe Support if you need additional help with this).

If a student purchases a monthly subscription using your XP order form, then a subscription will be automatically created in Stripe. This will automatically charge your student every month, until the subscription is cancelled in Stripe.

We've created an automation that allows your student to manage their own subscription right from their profile page - so if a student cancels their membership, the subscription in Stripe will be automatically cancelled for you.

Note that if you CHANGE the price of your subscription in Xperiencify, nothing will change for a subscription that's already been created in Stripe. (If you need to change the price of a subscription for a current student, you'd need to change that inside your Stripe account).

Can I Use an Outside Shopping Cart and Payment Processor?

If you're on the Growth Plan or higher, you can integrate with another tool such as ThriveCart or PayPal. In this instance, in order to add new Students to a Program, you would need to connect your shopping cart with XP using Zapier.