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Murray Gray in Experiencification

Dec 09, 2020 - 2 min read. Available on Growth plan or higher..

Using the Experience Engine, you can now make automated posts to any Facebook group! This is super-useful to publicly congratulate, recognize or shout-out to any student who achieves something awesome in your course!

NOTE: We're currently upgrading this feature! We're adding a Facebook login button inside the Xperiencify app...this is how you'll generate a user token so Facebook can post to your group.

If you want to be updated when this feature's ready, just drop us a message using the chat widget - we'll keep you posted!

Examples for how to use it:

  • Welcome students to your course
  • Congratulate them for completing something hard...
  • For hitting a goal
  • For earning a significant amount of XPs, or
  • For completing the course

The only limit to what you can do is your own imagination!

Real world examples:

  • "Amazing news! Congrats to Sally who just hit Goal X. So so proud of what you've achieved. Can't wait to see what's next for you!!"
  • "Just saw that Mark joined us in Start With You! Pleased you're with us!"
  • "Wow - we just got word that Sally hit the minimum goal in 60-Second Sales and made her first sale! CONGRATS Sally!"

Using this feature has 3 huge benefits for you:

  • Your student feels amazing because they've been recognized by the creator of the course for doing something awesome, they get likes and comments from the community, and they end up taking even more action, which will lead to even more success!
  • As more and more members have "visible" success on the group, your community will get more & more fired up, and take more action as a result, which feeds the "success cycle", leading to more success for everyone!
  • You end up with so many more successful students who become customers for life, along with sweet testimonials that you can use in your sales & marketing!

You can add as many variants as you want for a specific post, so you posts look and feel more customized and personalized each time. (Each post can have its own custom and completely different message and image.)

Let's dive in!

We are about to release a brand new Facebook Login button inside XP to set this feature up with 1 click.

That will happen in mid-October. Thanks for your patience!

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