How to Link Your Sales Page from your Hub Listing

Murray Gray in Selling

Dec 09, 2020 - 2 min read. Available on all plans.

You can now link to an external sales page from your Hub!

At XP, we provide you with your Hub- the central place where you display all of your courses. But, you may want to have an external sales page that describes your course in detail and invites potential clients to buy.

By default, the “Learn More” button will take a potential client to your order form to purchase the course. But, if you’d like them to go to your sales page instead, you can now do that!

First, your course needs to be toggled on in Step 1.

Once you turn it to “on," a box will appear asking for your sales page. Go ahead and enter the link to your sales page there.

Now, when potential students click “learn more” in the Hub listing, they’ll be taken to your sales page to learn all about your amazing course.

From your sales page, you’ll link to XP’s order form (if you’re using our order forms) or wherever you have students purchase.

Do I have to have a sales page?

Not at all. If you leave the box blank, then when a potential student clicks “Learn More," they’ll be taken straight to your order form to purchase the course.