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Mar 16, 2024 - 1 min read. .

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Introducing the "Gamified Course" template

If you're an online course creator, there’s a sad statistic you need to know about. Only about 3% of people who purchase online courses ever complete them.

Yes, it’s true, and it means 97% of people who purchase your course are unlikely to ever complete it.

The cost of this to your business is hard to overstate – in terms of damage to your reputation, refunds and all the sales lost over the lifetime of your customer.

The easy solution is to create a GAMIFIED course.

Gamified courses have a 10-30 times HIGHLY student completion rate, leading to happy students who are getting the result they paid you for, and an 18 times higher student lifetime value to your business.

We've created a completely "done for you" template to help you get up and running quickly. Here's a walkthrough to help you understand how to use it:

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